Teaching Jobs in Dubai

by Aquinas education
June 21, 2023

Teaching jobs in Dubai offer you the chance to enjoy a life in the sun, teaching highly motivated children, in modern and well-equipped schools with a great tax-free income. At Aquinas Education, we work in partnership as a trusted and sole supplier with some of the best schools in Dubai and across the UAE to recruit excellent teachers from around the world to take the next step in their teaching career.

With well over 1 million students in both public and private schools, we are recruiting for schools’ day-to-day, medium and long-term needs and permanent teaching requirements. If you’re already living and working in Dubai and looking for part-time work and you are a great teacher, we can help. 

A teaching role in Dubai is not however a dead-end role. Quite the opposite in fact. Many of our teachers have seen strong progression and developed their careers at a rate they could not have expected back home. Many choose to stay and build a life here, but those who do return after a period of three, five or even ten years return at far more senior levels and with exceptional teaching experience. 

teaching jobs Dubai

The Dubai teaching infrastructure

Schools in Dubai and UAE are almost all very modern, well-equipped and well-funded. There’s no scraping about for teaching materials or the beg, borrow and steal mentality that many of you will know all too well. If something is needed to improve the teaching outcomes, it will be provided. 

Education in Dubai is a serious business. In 2020 it was made a national priority. This report (link to https://u.ae/en/about-the-uae/leaving-no-one-behind/4qualityeducation) shows how seriously they take the education of their children. When they say that ‘every child matters’ or ‘no-one is left behind’, they mean it. 

Here’s an extract from that document. 

Education as a national priority

The UAE's Ministry of Education (MOE) developed Education 2020 strategy, which is a series of ambitious five-year plans designed to bring significant qualitative improvement in the education system, especially in the way teachers teach and students learn. Smart learning programmes, new teachers' codes, licensing and evaluations systems, as well as curriculum revision, including teaching math and science in English, are all part of the strategy. A key area of focus has been to transform K-12 programmes, to ensure that students are fully prepared to attend universities around the world and compete in the global marketplace.

The Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Learning Programme was launched aiming to shape a new learning environment and culture in government schools in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

The government promoted technology in schools to foster future employment and 21st century among today's youth, in line with its strategy to introduce computers and tablets in all schools.

The Government of the UAE strongly supports education and learning services for students with special needs. The Federal Law No. 29 of 2006, is the first law in the UAE to protect the rights of people with special needs.

Education in the federal budget

The UAE sets a huge part of its budget to develop the education sector. In the year 2018, the education sector received AED 10.4 billion from the federal budget. 

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Can I teach in Dubai?

In Dubai and UAE, there is a huge requirement for qualified teachers, particularly from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

With 1,600 international schools in the UAE and over 1.1 million students, there is a huge array of diversity, teaching style, curriculum and philosophy across the educational estate. Aquinas can guide you through this maze to find the best school to suit your individual preferences. We will also give you a step-by-step guide of what you need to teach in the UAE and help with all of the required documentation. 

By registering free with Aquinas you will have access to our own fully integrated platform that will create an online profile for you, add you to schools talent pools and connect you to fantastic schools locally to you. Our unique approach and technology make Aquinas the partner you need to navigate your way into your perfect teaching role. 

teaching jobs in Dubai and UAE

Benefits of using Aquinas

The Aquinas Education platform is a tried and tested DIRECT route to some of the best schools across Dubai and UAE. 

  • Hundreds of teaching jobs in Dubai
  • Speak directly to schools
  • Upload a video CV and showcase to really stand out from the crowd
  • Register your interest in the schools where you’d love to work
  • 100% secure communications
  • Fully Vetted Schools

Registration is simple and with just a mini profile that takes a few minutes to complete, you can browse hundreds of jobs and find your dream teaching job, instantly and effortlessly.

You can rest assured that every School that is allowed onto the Aquinas Platform has been individually vetted and assessed by our team of expert educational recruiters. 

If I am overseas, what documentation do I need for teaching jobs in Dubai?

Most international schools in Dubai require a recognised teaching qualification from a UK or overseas university and often require a minimum of two years’ teaching experience. 

Once you have an interview, you will need to be prepared for the typical paperwork that follows. If accepted you will be required to prepare and attest (which requires bringing documents to a solicitor to authenticate) the following:

  • Passport
  • University Degree ( some schools may request all your degrees i.e undergrad and PGCE)
  • University transcripts 
  • Birth certificate
  • Teaching qualification
  • Medical report (any GP can provide)

Authenticating documents and applying for visas can be tricky but your school should have a dedicated HR team who will be able to help you along the way.

Do I need a visa to teach in Dubai?

For a teacher, coming to teach in Dubai you will to obtain a residence visa, which allows you to secure a work permit. You do need to have secured a job to be granted both the visa and work permit. Your school will almost always take responsibility for this process.

Your future employer will begin the process of your work permit application and entry visa application before you even leave for Dubai itself. On arrival, they will help with the residence visa and finalise the work permit, so you can begin teaching in Dubai. This can take as little as a few weeks.

Term dates and structure for schools in Dubai

The new school year starts at the end of August in Dubai, similar to the UK. There’s a week-long half-term break in mid-October and then term ends in the second week in December, which runs through until the new year. Many of our teachers return home at this time for a winter break and to see family and friends.

Term two starts in early January, with a mid-term break of a week in mid-February and runs through until the end of March.

After a two-week break, term three starts in early to mid-April. The mid-term break coincides with the fabulous Eid Al Fitr Festival. It’s a time of great celebrations and a wonderful time to be in Dubai. The end of the academic year is in early July and you have a long summer break to look forward to so you can explore the beaches, the culture that surrounds the region and the famous brunches the UAE has to offer. 

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