Applying for a Teaching Job in the UK 

by Aquinas education
May 02, 2023

September is fast approaching and schools within the UK will start to look at which teachers are staying and who is leaving. In the next few weeks and months, they will start to advertise for full-time and part-time positions that are available in September. Now is the time to start preparing your CVs and getting your interview questions prepared. 

We have put together some top tips on how to make your CV stand out, prepare the best interview answers and overall ease any new job anxieties.

How to find the right school?

  • Start looking early. Within the UK schools will advertise for new Teachers around May/June time. 
  • Think about what is important to you within a school. Have a look at the schools’ ethos, size and the area the school is located. 
  • Try to visit the schools you are applying to – either a supply day or a trial/interview day. 
  • Look at the school’s latest Ofsted reports and if they have social media check it out! 

Top Tips for Education CVS:

  • Maximum of 2 pages for your CV. 
  • Details of your employment history – what you did at that school or for new teachers your teacher training experience. 
  • Specify your CV to each school – for example, if the school has a big phonics approach, ensure you describe your experience with teaching phonics. 
  • Make sure your CV is proofread by someone else to check for spelling or grammar errors.
  • Ensure your employment history is accurate and explain any gaps in employment.
  • Have your education history clearly stated with marks for your GCSE or A-Levels. 
  • Briefly, bullet point the other skills you have or extracurricular opportunities you have been involved in. 
  • Make sure you have a good personal statement that describes you but also your teaching philosophy and practice. 

Preparing for an interview:

  • Always look at the school website to find out about the team, their ethos, key achievements and any other information that you can refer to within your interview.
  • Be up to date on current educational issues, such as safeguarding. 
  • Familiarise yourself with the national curriculum, specifically for the age group you are intending to work with. 
  • Planning your answers to typical teaching interview questions.
  • Have some questions to ask the school before your interview i.e. planning responsibilities, marking guide etc. 
  • Don’t forget to be yourself and act professionally. 

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