Outstanding Partnership

by Aquinas education
May 10, 2023

Aquinas Education have some very exciting news to share this week. We have been working hard behind the scenes to build an important relationship with the Diocese of Westminster. We are delighted to announce that we are officially working alongside the Diocese of Westminster to support their 207 schools in their recruitment needs. The Aquinas Foundation with Jermaine Jenas are also working closely alongside the Diocese to support the students, staff and communities of these fantastic schools. The Aquinas Foundation can offer support to teachers and communities in promoting attainment and attendance, we can help to boost morale of students and staff. 

What is the Diocese of Westminster?

The Diocese of Westminster is comprised of 212 parishes and 207 schools located in the London boroughs North of the River Thames, West of the Lea River and in the County of Hertfordshire. 

The Education Service supports 207 schools to ensure they are successful and act in accordance within the Trust Deed of the Diocese. They offer advice and direction on a broad range of educational matters. Strong partnerships are key and the team value the support of the Catholic Education Service. Aquinas Education are excited to be working alongside the Diocese to help support these schools, students and staff.

The Diocese of Westminster believe that strong partnerships are key and that Catholic Schools and Colleges have a significant part to play in the mission of the Catholic Church. Their Diocesan schools make a strong contribution to education in London, Hertfordshire and Surrey. They exist so that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed to future generations. 

Aquinas Education are proud to hold similar beliefs and strongly promote ambition within schools and educational environments. We are named after Saint Thomas Aquinas who is the Patron Saint of Education. Our ethos aligns with many Catholic Schools across England and we are proud of have some beautiful relationships with these schools. We have also worked hard at developing unique relationships with Catholic Universities in Ireland, working closely with their education students on the opportunities they have in Catholic Schools within England.

What does this mean?

The relationship we have built with the Diocese of Westminster means that we are working with over 200 schools who have a range of exciting employment opportunities. If you are a teacher, teaching assistant or someone looking at getting into the field of education, we are here to help. We can help to find the ideal school and position for you. Check out our website on how to get in touch with us to start your journey with Aquinas Education. 

Aquinas Education are delighted to be working with the Diocese of Westminster and we cannot wait for what the future brings!

You can see some of the jobs we are recruiting for here.

Current vacancies within the Westminster Diocese

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