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Caitlan Perks – Education Recruitment Consultant

Name: Caitlan Perks.  Age: 27.  Current role: Consultant.  How long have you been with Aquinas? I have worked with Aquinas since November 2021 so for about 9 months. How did


Shannon Edwards - Education Recruitment Consultant

Name: Shannon Edwards.  Age: 24 years old.  Current role: Candidate Consultant.  How long have you been with Aquinas? Four months How did you become an Education Recruitment


Exciting Partnership Alert!

Aquinas Education is delighted to announce our partnership with North Star Community Trust. North Star Community Trust was established in 2010 with a single school, they now manage a family of 4 ac


Jacob Brandon - West Midlands Branch Manager

Name: Jacob Brandon.  Age: 31 years old.  Job title: West Midlands Branch Manager How long have I been with Aquinas? -  5 years.  How did I become a consultant? Starting m


Aquinas Foundation and how we can help you!

Aquinas Education is more than just an education recruitment company. We pride ourselves on helping schools, teachers, and students in all aspects of their schooling. Not only do we try our best to pr


The Aquinas Academy - Graduate and trainee jobs

Job title: Graduate Recruitment Academy Location: Kings Cross, London  Start date: April 2023 Position: Full-time Application close date: April 2023 Salary scale: £18,000 - £24,0